Cheryl Jones has worked for over twenty-eight years with individuals, couples and families responding to difficulties in their lives and relationships. Her work with adoptive families is based on her experience as an adoptive parent as well as her clinical experience with adoptive families. Working with children continually enriches her understanding of the complex interplay between the impacts of adoption, individuality and the developmental process.

Her work with illness and grief has deepened her perspective regarding how human beings grow as a result of difficulty, instead of merely surviving. The capacity of each person to redeem his or her losses and to flourish in the face of life's most difficult experiences lies at the heart of Cheryl's work.

She has also worked extensively with blended and alternative families, depression and anxiety, substance abuse, childhood abuse and a wide spectrum of life transitions. Her office is located in Oakland, California.

You can reach her
at her confidential e-mail address,
or by phone at 510-653-7374.

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