Bridging Two Worlds: Groups for Girls

Group 1: 7 to 10 years
Group 2: 10 to 13 years
Each group is limited to 8 participants

Girls born overseas must learn to bridge and incorporate two cultures and racial identities, as well as learn to manage the usual challenges of being an adopted person. Many girls born overseas have histories of institutional care and /or neglect and abuse.

Children with histories of early deprivation or trauma can experience attachment difficulties, emotional dysregulation, fearfulness, hyper vigilance, neurodevelopmental differences or delays, problems with peers and social skills difficulties.

Many girls born overseas have not had strong attachment figures available to them in the first year of life. This experience can make decoding nonverbal communication difficult, or anxiety-provoking. In this group, we pay a great deal of attention to both verbal and nonverbal interactions between group members, helping girls build skills in appropriate, direct and clear communications.

This group uses a well-tested model to assist girls to develop better emotional regulation and social skills. Through group discussion, role plays and expressive arts therapy, we work with girls to develop a coherent narrative of their lives, pulling together the many facets.

We use the group experience to develop awareness of how early life experience can impact girl’s lives now. We teach girls to equip themselves to better manage these challenges in the present. The girls learn to manage intrusive or unwanted questions about adoption and ethnicity. Our goals include helping girls assemble strong, self-confident, and self-aware identities.

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