Groups for parents of children 0 to 5 years,
6 to 12 years, teens and young adults.

4 sessions offered once per quarter

Limited to 6 families per session.

These short-term groups aim to work on the challenges and questions you have with your children. We will focus on the specific issues our group members bring in. In past groups we have talked about tantrums, fears, anger-management, back talk, problems getting ready for school, getting kids to complete homework without meltdowns, controlling behavior, whining, sibling issues, social problems, learning differences, contact with birth family, and school issues that relate to being adopted, among other things.

We use a format of meeting every two weeks for a total of 4 sessions so our group members have a chance to try out new techniques and return to refine them. Our goal is to assist you in solving problems quickly and effectively so there is more time for fun at home.

Information: 510-339-9363 |

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