We favor a collaborative approach, working together as a team with parents, clients, schools, and allied professionals to provide a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan for each client.

We believe that families with multiple challenges deserve to work with professionals who regularly communicate and consult with one another and approach problems in a coherent and collaborative fashion.

We have established strong relationships with a group of the Bay Area’s most experienced professionals and will assist you in developing the treatment team that fits your needs.

Adoption is a lifelong experience impacting adopted persons, birth family and adoptive family throughout their life cycle. It is normal for adoption issues to reemerge as families move through developmental stages.

We feel that traditional therapy with termination of the therapeutic relationship at the end of therapy is not a useful model when working with adoption-related issues.

FAACE professionals prefer the model of the family doctor who works with the family or parts of it to resolve problems as they arise, and is available for consultation if new issues emerge in the future.

Our model allows families to maintain a consistent, as needed, relationship with a therapist or therapeutic team as the normal crises of life come up.

Clinicians offer a wide range of specializations including:
attachment, adoption, dyadic developmental therapy, family narrative therapy, child & adolescent therapy, EMDR, play therapy, and Hakomi work, among others.

Group therapy is an important component of FAACE, and an extremely helpful adjunct to family and individual therapy.

A variety of groups are offered with a specific focus on young people affected by issues of attachment and adoption, mood regulation, social challenges, and identity.

From time to time, adult groups are also offered:
Adoptive Parent Coaching.
Coaching for Parents of Teens.


Adoption and Attachment
Mood dysregulation
Tantrums & acting out behavior
Separation anxiety
School problems related to learning differences, social skills, mood and     attentional issues.
Grief and loss
Alternative families, blended families, same-sex parents, biracial & bicultural     families.
Launching from home
Beginning College


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